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Act Andy Fairley discography

While this was Andy Fairley's only solo credited album he provided the vocals and samples on many other tracks by Bim Sherman, Dub Syndicate, the Strange Parcels, Gary Clail and the Barmy Army. Several other of his tracks featured exclusively on a number of the 'Pay It All Back' compilations.

Sleeve cover Album: Andy Fairley - 'System Vertigo'

On-U Sound Records / April 1992 (LP/CD)
On-U Sound Records / February 2009 (DL)

LP: ON-U LP 61 / CD: ON-U CD 17
DL: (-)
  1. * I Stopped The Clock
  2.   System Vertigo
  3. + Ghost
  4.   The Election (Part 1) ||
  5.   You Look At Life
  6. = Precinct Of System
  7.   Audio Visual Attack
  8.   The Election (Part 2)
  9.   A Nation Responds
  10.   Fun + Games
  11.   The Song Of The Phoenix
  12.   False Starts
* Remixed as the unreleased theme tune to the BBC Radio Lancashire 'On The Wire' show in the UK.
+ [Rhythm 75]
= CD/DL only track. Sampled in 'Precinct Of Sound' by Dub Syndicate / Andy Fairley on DP20.

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