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Act Little Roy discography

Summary of releases:
  1. Compilation: Little Roy - 'Tafari Earth Uprising'
  2. Album: Little Roy - 'Longtime'
  3. Album: Little Roy - 'More From A Little'
  4. Compilation: Little Roy & Friends - 'Packin House'
  5. 7" single: Little Roy - 'Tribal War' (re-issue)

Only Little Roy's collaborations with AMS and his credited releases under On-U Sound and its subsidiaries are recorded here - the artist also having a back catalogue of earlier Jamaican releases. The item order presented here is the order these items were released in, not the order the tracks contained were first issued.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Little Roy - 'Tafari Earth Uprising'

Pressure Sounds / 1995

LP: PS LP006 / CD: PS CD006
  1. * Prophesy
  2.   Christopher Columbus
  3.   Don't Cross The Nation
  4.   Earth
  5.   Easy Chair
  6.   Mr T
  7.   Tribal War || (LP side break here?)
  8.   Forces
  9.   Working
  10.   Richman Laugh
  11.   Blackbird
  12.   Jah Can Count On I
  13. + Rocking Chair
  14.   Forces Dub
* Re-recorded on Little Roy's 'More From A Little' set.
+ Dub of 'Earth'.
Compilation of many of his 70s and early 80s recordings.

Sleeve cover Album: Little Roy - 'Longtime'

On-U Sound Records / 1996

LP: ON-U LP 87 / CD: ON-U CD 87
  1.   All Day Long
  2.   Way Down
  3. * Long Time Rocksteady
  4.   See Them Fighting
  5.   Singing The Blues ||
  6.   New Song
  7.   Righteous Man
  8.   Frankenstein
  9.   Piece Of The Earth
  10.   Blackman
  11.   Blackman Dub
* [Rhythm B11]
Co-produced by Little Roy and AMS.

Sleeve cover Album: Little Roy - 'More From A Little'

Lion Inc. / 1999

LP: LP LINC 013 / CD: CD LINC 013
  1.   More From A Little
  2.   Owl
  3. * Prophecy
  4.   Mamma
  5.   Watch Your Back ||
  6.   Soldier
  7. + Natty Yard
  8.   Year 2000
  9.   Love Is Magic
  10.   False Teachers
  11. = A Little More Dub
* Re-recorded from original version found on PS CD006 and dub version on PS CD026.
+ Re-recorded from original version found on PS CD026.
= CD only track. Dub of 'More From A Little'.
Mixed at Lion Studios, On-U Sound and Eccentric Directions by Ronnie Lion, Mike Pelanconi and AMS.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Little Roy & Friends - 'Packin House'

Pressure Sounds / 1999

LP: PS LP026 / CD: PS CD026
  1.    Hurt Not The Earth        [Little Roy]
  2.    Burnin' Fire              [Carl Dawkins]
  3.    Ticket To Zion            [Little Roy]
  4.    Revolution                [The Heptones]
  5.    Total Destruction         [Leroy Sibbles]
  6.    Total Destruction Version [feat. Baba Leslie]
  7. *  Recession                 [John Clarke]
  8.    Rat Trap                  [Little Roy]
  9.    Set Your Heart Free       [Dennis Brown]
  10.    Set Your Heart Free [feat Bongo Herman/Don D Junior]
  11.    Forward On A Yard         [The Heptones]
  12. *  Forward On A Yard Version [The Heptones]
  13.    Zion Fever                [Winston Scotland]
  14.    Free For All              [Tafari All Stars]
  15.  + Natty Yard                [Little Roy]
  16. *+ Prophecy Dub It Up        [Tafari All Stars]
* CD only tracks.
+ Re-recorded by Little Roy on his 'More From A Little' set.

Record label 7" single: Little Roy - 'Tribal War' (re-issue)

Pressure Sounds / 2000?

PSS 004
  1. * Tribal War ||
  2. + Tribal War (Version)
* Taken from PS CD006 compilation.
+ Versioned from PS CD006 compilation.
Reissue of one of his classic 1970s singles.

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