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Act Jalal discography

Summary of releases:
  1. Singles: Jalal - 'Mankind'
  2. Album: Jalal featuring Tariq 'Babyman' Nuriddin - 'On The One'
  3. Album: Jalal featuring Bernard Alexander - 'Science Friction'

Jalal is perhaps most well known as a former member of the Last Poets and has recorded extensively. Only his collaborations produced by AMS or with members of the On-U Sound 'fold' are presented here.

Sleeve cover Singles: Jalal - 'Mankind'

On-U Sound Records / March? 1993 (UK10")
EFA Medien / October 1993 (European CDS)

UK10": ON-U DP 22 / EuCDS: EFA 07480-09
  1. *  Mankind (Part 1)
  2. *  Mankind (Part 2) ||
  3. *= Shade Of The Light (Parts 1 and 2)
  4. *= Shade Of The Light (Part 3)
  5. +  Trancendental Twins
* Re-recorded on LP66.
= [Rhythm 111] Re-recorded as 'In The Shade Of The Light'.
+ On CD only.
UK10" limited to 1000 copies only. The EuCD also features a brief artist and label history in English and German and a discography on the insert.

Sleeve cover Album: Jalal featuring Tariq 'Babyman' Nuriddin - 'On The One'

On The One - EFA Medien / 1996

LP: EFA 18703-1 / CD: EFA 18703-2
  1.   On The One
  2. * Inquisitive Derivative
  3.   Rapistory
  4.   The Griot's Tale
  5. * Mortal Passage
  6.   Mankind
  7.   Resurrection City ||
  8.   Vigilance
  9. + In The Shade Of The Light
  10.   Children Of The Future
  11.   Busy Dizzy And The Word Of Bird
* CD only tracks.
+ [Rhythm 111]

Sleeve cover Album: Jalal featuring Bernard Alexander - 'Science Friction' / April 2004

CD: JAL001
  1. Man Eater
  2. The Indian Giver
  3. Body Language
  4. Science Friction
  5. Running Out Of Breath
  6. Lover's Fool
  7. Four Girls
  8. Listen Up Lil' B.
AMS not involved. Bernard Alexander is otherwise known as Skip McDonald.

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