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Other: Non-act, non-label based discography Off The Wire: The Vaults

This section features details of On-U Sound and related material / Adrian Sherwood production work thought or known to exist that has never been formally released in any commercially-obtainable hardcopy form. This excludes unreleased material currently scheduled for future released, which are listed separately.

As many of the items in this category are conspicuous by their absence, this list of un-releases is likely to represent only a fraction of the true hidden On-U catalogue residing on master tapes in the On-U and other archives. Items are listed in VERY approximate date of recording / scheduling.

Know of any more? Let me know.

Year / What
Prince Far / Creation Rebel - 'Peel' Session 1978 / unreleased session A session by Prince Far I and members of Creation Rebel recorded for John Peel's BBC radio show in the UK. First broadcast 4th July 1978 and subsequently repeated 28th May 1980, 11th September 1993 and 22nd December 1995 featuring a spoken word introduction by Far I and the tracks 'Blackman Land', 'Front Line' [Rhythm 79], 'The Dream' [Rhythm 150], 'No More War' [Rhythm 162] and 'Foggy Road' [Rhythm 147]. Most of the session is available to download from Players were Vernon (guitar), Clifton Morrisson (keyboards), Clinton Jack (bass), Dr Pablo (melodica) and Charley (drums). Here is the session's entry in the BBC archive.
Vox Phantoms 1979 / unreleased AMS mixes AMS mixed two unreleased tracks for this punk band, one of which ('Nothing New') was pressed as an acetate only single.
Alan Pellay / Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells - 'Demonic Forces' / 'Hostage In Iran' 1981 / unreleased single To have featured the title track by Alan Pellay backed by 'Hostage In Iran' by Jeb Loy And The Oil Wells. See SOUND 2 for more details.
(Various Artists) - 'Wild Paarty Sounds Volume 2' 1981 / unreleased compilation album A partially compiled compilation of early On-U material by the likes of the New Age Steppers, Noah House Of Dread and Bim Sherman / Singers And Players. See LP9 for more details.
Bim Sherman 1981 / unreleased track 'Sattamasagana' [Rhythm 12]
(Various Artists) - 'On.U Sound Volume 1' 1981 / unreleased compilation To have been allocated the catalogue number ON-U LP4 (later given to Creation Rebel's 'Psychotic Jonkanoo' LP). To have featured: Mark Stewart - 'Guided Missile', Positive Noise - 'Ghost', Medium Medium - 'In And Outside Dreams' and The Mothmen - 'Afghani Dub' [Rhythm 137] (later featured on LP6). It is not known whether any of the tracks (other than the last one) exist.
African Head Charge 1981 / unreleased mix A version of 'Far Away Chant' from LP13 featuring just the percussion, some bass and a slowed down vocal featured in the David Lynch film 'Wild At Heart' but did not appear on the soundtrack.
Ari Up - 'Jungle Royalty' 198? / unreleased album An album produced by AMS mentioned in the early 80s music press. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Playgroup 1982 / unreleased tracks/versions (?) Tracks called 'Head First', 'Compendium Of Sound' (which are thought to have emerged on LP19) and 'Independent Dance' (which is thought to have featured on LP25). All tracks were subsequently re-named and possibly re-recorded before being released.
Bim Sherman / Singers And Players 1982 / unreleased track A monitor mix of a track called 'Mystery And Sorrow' is known to exist but it was never completed.
New Age Steppers - Peel sessions 1983 / session tracks Tracks recorded (12/6/1983) for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 in the UK (transmitted 18/8/1983, repeated 29/9/1983). Included 'Not A Nobody', 'The Riddle', 'Send My Love' [Rhythm 29] and 'John Peel Session Pt 1 1983', the first three of which are available to download at
The Circuit - 'Presenting The Circuit' 1983 / unreleased album Tracks called 'Cricket Theme', 'It's Crisp' and 'Crocodile Goes To Tunisia' exist. See LP32 for more details. The latter was also to have appeared on LP34 credited to the Missing Brazilians.
(Various Artists) - 'Recreation Time' 1983 / unreleased compilation album To have featured tracks from LP32. See LP31 for more details.
Mark Stewart And The Maffia 1983 (March) / unreleased single 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy' later featured on LP24. Nominally allocated the catalogue number 'ON-U DP 7' but this was later re-allocated.
London Underground 1983 / unreleased single A four-track EP was planned to be released as 'ON-U DP 9' but this was subsequently expanded to become a mini-LP. See LP28M for details. The catalogue number was later re-allocated.
Missing Brazilians 1983 / album outtake tracks 'Recession Tune', (?) and 'Crocodile Goes To Tunisia' removed from LP34. The latter was also to have appeared on LP32 credited to The Circuit.
AMS and Kishi 1983 / unreleased tracks 'Linn 1' (mix 1 / dub), 'Linn 2' and 'Donna Summer Tune' (mix 1 / mix 2 / dub) recorded during Missing Brazilians LP34 album sessions. Available to download from
Shara Nelson And The Circuit 1983 / unreleased track A track called 'No Rejection' was initially reported to be scheduled for the B-side of ON-U MIX 2.
Shara Nelson And The Circuit 1983 / (?) An unspecified release scheduled for December 1983 to have been catalogued ON-U MIX 4. No more details known.
Congo Ashanti Roy / Singers And Players 1984 / unreleased track 'Funky Bossman'
Congo Ashanti Roy / Singers And Players 1984 / unreleased mixes 'Make A Joyful Noise' - versions of the LP33 album track.
(Various Artists) 1984 / unreleased live compilation (?) An On-U newsletter mentioned an 'On-U Sound Extravaganza Live From Tokyo' featuring in particular London Underground.
Mark Stewart & The Maffia 1985 / unreleased mix 'Temptation (Hypnotized)' [Rhythm 40] (?) - remix from LP36.
Adrian Sherwood and Steve Barker 1986 / unreleased track 'I See The World Through Different Eyes' was intended for release on the 'Bugs On The Wire' compilation. It is comprised of samples, a Fats Comet drum sequence and a Doug Wimbish bassline. It was thought to have been recorded late one night at Southern Studios. Available to download from
Vivien Jones 1986 / unreleased AMS mix (?) 'Don't Follow Bad Boy' produced by Charlie "Eskimo Fox" and mixed by AMS. Later reissued / re-recorded as 'This Man' on CD89 credited to 'Fox. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Fats Comet 1986 / session tracks 'Crosstown Traffic', 'Hard Left' [Rhythm 115] and 'Rockchester' recorded in a session for BBC Radio Lancashire's 'On The Wire' programme in the UK. See BLC 10, BLC 11, DP16 / WR007 and WR006 for original studio versions off the latter two.
Jah Wobble 1986 / unreleased AMS production 'This Is Paradise' was intended to be released on LP42. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Mark Stewart & The Maffia 1986 / unreleased mix 'Glory Glory (Sharp As A Needle)' was intended to be released on LP42. Subsequently re-recorded as 'Sharp As A Needle' by the Barmy Army on DP18 and LP48.
Singers And Players / Prince Far I 1986 / unreleased mix 'Nuclear Weapon (Remix)' was intended to be released on LP42.
Tackhead 1986 / unreleased live track 'Ride Your Pony'. This track was commonly played during live shows at the time but never appeared on any releases.
Tackhead 1987 / unreleased
Version(s) of 'The Game' featuring un-cleared vocal samples of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan intended for release on DP17.
Barmy Army 1987 / unreleased track Theme to the first series of 'Snub TV'. Eventually remixed as 'House Building' on LP49(CD).
Mark Stewart & The Maffia 1988 / unreleased tracks Unreleased tracks from LP51. 'Prologue' (a spoken word track by Gary Clail over tribal chants), 'Silly Boy' and 'Desire' (a semi-house style tune of 6 minute main part and 8.5 minute keyboard dub). These tracks were featured on a Roundhouse Studios cassette dated 23 December 1988 and the latter of which is available to download at
Tackhead 1988 / unreleased
A version of 'My Imagination' was released as 'Bastard Son Of Fats' on BLC 10 but other mixes exist.
Dub Syndicate 1988 / unreleased track Theme to the second series of 'Snub TV'.
Charlie "Eskimo Fox" 1988 / unreleased mix A version of the track 'Digital' that later appeared remixed on LP42 was used in a TV commercial for 'Quavers' crisps in the UK.
Tackhead / Bim Sherman 1988 / unreleased mix 'Stealing' - an early mix of the track that appeared on BLC 10.
Doug Wimbish 1988-9 / unreleased album Unreleased tracks recorded for a projected album on World Records.
Barmy Army 1989 / unreleased mixes Various alternative mixes of tracks featured on LP48 including 'Leroy's Boots' [Rhythm 68], 'Brian Clout' and 'Stadium Rock' [Rhythm 54].
Mark Stewart / Barmy Army 1989 / unreleased track A Mark Stewart vocal cut over the BA's 'Sharp As A Needle' (from LP48) is thought to exist.
Tackhead 1989 / unreleased mix 'Ticking Time Bomb (short version)' - an alternative short mix of the track that appeared on WR013 / LP41.
Keith LeBlanc / Gary Clail 1989 / unreleased tracks 'Designer Drugs For Designer Clubs'. A six mix acetate existed featuring versions of this track. A version of it went on to become 'Baby Bye' on DJ Spike's BLC 1 album.
Dub Syndicate 1989 / unreleased mixes 'Boof Um Baff' [Rhythm 107] and 'Mafia'. Early mixes of tracks that appeared on LP47.
Nine Inch Nails 1989 / unreleased demo mixes A series of demo mixes by AMS of tracks that eventually became the 'Pretty Hate Machine' album are thought to exist, including a mix of 'Kinda I Want To'.
Dub Syndicate 1989 / unreleased mix 'Hey Ho ('On The Wire' theme version)' recorded for BBC Radio Lancashire's show in the UK and featuring additional vocal samples from Steve Barker and his daughter, Georgia. Other versions feature on LP47 / CD5 and LP85.
(Various Artists) - Shocks On The Wire 199? / unreleased compilation album Intended to be the follow-up to 'Bugs On The Wire' containing at least 'The Need To Live (Dub) by Bim Sherman and 'Cuss Cuss (East Lancs. mix)' by Dub Syndicate. Other versions of these tracks appeared on LP81 and LP47 respectively.
Gary Clail 1990 / unreleased mixes 'Human Nature' - theme to the third series of 'Snub TV'. Two other versions of this track featured vocal samples from the Reverend Billy Graham which were not cleared for general release when first recorded. One of these was the original On-U mix, still not issued in any form (but is available to download from as it was once played on Steve Barker's 'On The Wire' UK radio show). The other was a Perfecto remix which was available on the first pressing of the promo 12" 'HUM 1' and, slightly edited, on a 2004 Japanese reissue of LP49. Re-vocaled versions of the track by Gary appeared on LP55 and related singles.
Bim Sherman / Andy Fairley / On-U Sound System 1990 / unreleased mix 'Success Success (Pop Star Saves The Nation)' was re-recorded as 'Rumours' on Gary Clail et al.'s LP55. Available to download from
Gary Clail On-U Sound System 1990 / unreleased single Taken from LP49, 'Rave On (Until The Cock Crows)' was intended for release as a 12" single until AMS was "talked out of it", 'Beef (How Low Can You Go?)' being released as a single instead.
Gary Clail On-U Sound System 1990 / unreleased mixes A minimal version of 'False Leader' and instrumental version of 'Temptation' (featuring Bernard Fowler) were recorded but not featured on Clail's LP55.
Andy Fairley 1990 / unreleased mix 'Jack The Biscuit' - version with music from Gary Clail's 'Escape' on LP55 and additional vocals by Akabu. The Andy Fairley vocal-only version featured on LP53. Available to download from
Andy Fairley 1990 / unreleased mix 'I Stopped The Clock ('On The Wire' Theme version)' - versioned from LP61.
Strange Parcels 1990 / unreleased mixes Early mixes of 'Heart's Desire', 'To Be Free' and 'Disconnection' subsequently to appear on LP53.
Dub Syndicate 1990 / unreleased mix 'Stoned Immaculate' [Rhythm 188] Later mixes appeared on LP53 and LP56.
Tackhead 1990 / unreleased demos or mixes During the making of the 'Strange Things' album, up to 30 tracks were recorded. Demo versions of several unreleased tracks such as 'I Think I Know', 'Anthem', 'Jungle Dub', 'Slam Head' and 'Hoana' are known to exist. Three other of these tracks were later released on Keith LeBlanc's 'Stop The Confusion (Global Interference)' compilation. A dub mix of the track 'Strange Things' itself is also thought to exist.
On-U Sound Effect - 'Sounds To Lift' 1991 / unreleased album Originally scheduled for a January 1991 release this was to be a sound effects album in the style of the BBC sound effects albums. It was never released for copyright reasons. The catalogue number slot was later re-allocated to 'Disco Plates Collection Volume 2' - see LP54 for more details.
The Woodentops 1991 and 1986 / unreleased album and mixes Unfinished tracks from a 1991 album featuring contributions from Skip McDonald and Bim Sherman are known to exist. A couple of promo only singles were the only product actually released. In 1986, Lee Perry is thought to have mixed two or three other tracks that also went unreleased. See for details.
Strange Parcels / Skip McDonald 1992 / unreleased track An unreleased version of the Johnny Osbourne classic 'Purify Your Heart' [Rhythm 130]. Another version by Bim Sherman was released as a B-side of his 'Bewildered' single.
Megadeth 1992 / unreleased AMS remix An AMS mix for a single is known to exist (but few other details). Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
EMF 1992 / unreleased AMS remix (?) AMS mix(es) for a single. No further details known. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Strange Parcels 1992 / unreleased mix An instrumental of Jesse Rae's 'Victory Horns' (from LP63) is thought to exist.
(Various Artists) - 'Bubble Heads' 199? / unreleased album A "major release" on Blanc Records intended to feature at least Keith LeBlanc, Afrika Islam, Melle Mel, Doug Wimbish, Vernon Reid and Ice T.
Strange Parcels 1993 / unreleased mix 'High Ideals And Crazy Dreams (instrumental)' [Rhythm 59]. Vocal versions appeared on LP63 and the Japanese 'Version Excursion' compilation.
The Sugar Merchants 1993 / unreleased AMS remix Remix intended for their 'Throwaway EP' is thought to exist. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Skip McDonald / Little Axe 1993 / unreleased mix 'Wolf's Story ('On The Wire' theme version)' recorded as the theme tune for BBC Radio Lancashire's 'On The Wire' show. The original version featured on LP62(1) and LP62(2).
Jesse Rae / Strange Parcels 199? / unreleased tracks Various live or studio tracks co-written by Jesse Rae and AMS are thought to exist: 'Honest Love', 'Big Bad Boy', 'Hong Kong Is King Kong', 'Billy McKenzie', 'A Heart' and 'Pony Boy'. Other members of the Strange Parcels are also likely to feature in some capacity. Other released tracks from these sessions feature on Jesse's 'No Surrender' album.
Fats Comet / Strange Parcels (?) 199? / unreleased track (?) 'Temptations On Acid' (?)
Hypnotix 199? / possible AMS remix A rumoured remix from projects called 'Palestina' and 'Inkhata'. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
(?) 199? / unreleased track (?) 'Tribute To Tipper Gore + P.M.R.C.' (?)
Little Axe 1994-6 / unreleased album track versions Early versions of tracks later to appear on the 'Slow Fuse' album.
Iyabinghi Drummers (including Bonjo I and Akabu) 1993 / session tracks '500 Years / Rivers Of Babylon', 'Powerchant' (see LP58 and 'Live Goodies' albums), 'Oh Carolina' and 'Somebody Touch I' (see LP65 and DP31). Recorded on 25 November 1993 for Andy Kershaw's BBC Radio show in the UK (first broadcast 6 February 1994).
Audio Active - 'Happy Shopper' 1995 / unreleased mix A more "funky" and less "dubby" Audio Active remix of 'Happy Shopper' than the remix on DP32 is thought to exist.
Bim Sherman 1995 / unreleased mixes 'Life' (became 'Simple Life') [Rhythm 48], 'Golden Locks' [Rhythm 62] and 'Over The Rainbow' [Rhythm B27]. Original acoustic versions that later developed into tracks on LP67.
(Various Artists) - 'Dub No Frontiers' 1995 / unreleased compilation album A partially compiled dub album featuring Hypnotix and the Twinkle Brothers amongst others was originally catalogued LP76. This slot was subsequently reallocated to Gary Clail's 'Keep The Faith' LP. The name 'Dub No Frontiers' is to be re-used as the title of a forthcoming On-U Sound compilation of female non-English vocal songs.
Bim Sherman / Keith LeBlanc 1996 / unreleased album On the BLC 14 compilation a track called 'The Beast' was presented as a taster of album called 'The Vision', however this never materialised. Subsequently 'The Beast' and other tracks from the project, 'The Vision' and 'Time Out', appeared on Keith's 'Stop The Confusion (Global Interference)' compilation.
Garbage 1996 / unreleased AMS remix(?) Unconfirmed, unreleased remix of 'Vow (Torn Apart)'. An AMS remix of their track 'Queer' has been released. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Manu Dibango 1997 / unreleased AMS remix (?) 'Pop Corn'. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Yazz 1997 / unreleased AMS remix 'Caught You In A Lie'. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Dog 199? / unreleased AMS remix(es) From an unreleased single called 'War'. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Depeche Mode 1997 / unreleased AMS remix(es) Remix(es) of 'Useless' from Depeche Mode's 'Ultra' album. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Little Axe 1997-2000 / unreleased album tracks or versions Early versions of tracks later to appear on CD1001(1) including some that didn't make it to the final release. Recording of the album was a protracted affair and demo tapes of the album and its tracks in various stages of development exist.
South 1999 / unreleased AMS remix No more details known. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Deepika 1999 / unreleased AMS remixes Mixes of tracks called 'Falling' and 'Bhajaan' (+ others?). Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Herb Alpert 1999 / unreleased AMS remix A track originally intended for release on his 'Colors' album. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Levi Judah 1999 / unreleased album & single tracks Material was recorded for an album (to have been LP89) and single (to have been DP42) but nothing was released, possibly due to contractual problems.
Keith LeBlanc 1999 / unreleased album Soon after the completion of his 'Freakatorium' project, an album called 'Playback Unit' is thought to have been started but never finished. It plays as an album's length collage of new beats, soundscapes and samples/excerpts from various past Fats Comet, Tackhead, KLeB solo releases, etc. At least two quite different demo versions are thought to exist.
Transglobal Underground / Temple Of Sound 200? / unreleased AMS mixes Suggested involvement on an unreleased 4-track EP, possibly including unreleased AMS mixes of tracks called 'Garden of Perfume' and 'The Jewelled Heart'. Probably related to the released Temple Of Sound track listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Courtney Pine - 'It Was An Accident' movie soundtrack 2001 / unreleased production work The soundtrack to this UK film was provided primarily by Courtney Pine, AMS working as an executive producer alongside Bobby Marshall and engineer Steve Reece. No soundtrack to accompany the film was released. Sherwood's contribution is therefore formally unreleased. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
(Various Artists) - 'Lost Killers' movie soundtrack 2001 / unreleased production work Soundtrack to this German film provided by Dito Tsintsadze, Mirian, Udo Schobel, AMS and Skip McDonald. No soundtrack to accompany the film was released. Sherwood's contribution is therefore formally unreleased. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Tackhead 2001 / unreleased tracks A new track called 'In Your Head' was released for download on the Internet for a limited time only. Another track 'Fake Head' was also mentioned as possibly being made available similarly.
Bakshish 2001 / unreleased mixes Live mixes by AMS of 6 tracks by the Polish reggae band Bakshish - currently only available online at: bakshish/bakshish-multimedia.php. The track "Illegal" does not download if you click its link because of a typing error on the site - try the file extension .rm instead and it should work :)
Little Axe 2002 / unreleased track A re-recording of the Strange Parcels track 'Outsider', which once appeared on On-U Sound's official website as a free download.
Little Axe 2003 / unreleased live tracks Tracks broadcast live on the Christmas 2003 special edition of Paul Jones' Rhythm & Blues show on BBC Radio 2 in the UK.
2 Badcard 2003-4 / unreleased album 2 Badcard's second album was to be called 'Salvation Sounds' but its material was mostly never released in its intended form. See CD1004 for more details.
Little Axe 2004 / unreleased mix A more minimal version of 'All In The Same Boat' (from 'Champagne & Grits') without the Chris Difford vocals exists. It appeared in the streamed version of the album once made available on Real World Records' website.
Little Axe 2004 / unreleased live tracks Session tracks recorded for the 25th November 2004 edition of Paul Jones' Rhythm & Blues show on BBC Radio 2 in the UK, namely 'Never Turn Back' [Rhythm 234] (from LP62(2)), 'Finger On The Trigger' (from the 'Champagne & Grits' album) and 'Too Late' (from LP79).
(Various Artists) 2004 / unreleased soundtrack A soundtrack was prepared to form an integral part of Graham Fagen's "Blood Shed" contribution to "The Other Flower Show" exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK from 29 May to 11 July 2004. It featured extracts from 'Blood Shed (Dub)' [Rhythm 27] by the Singers And Players (first on DP8), 'Weed Specialist' [Rhythm 259] by 2 Badcard (from LP78) and 'Water The Garden' by Prince Far I / Singers And Players (from LP11), interspersed with 'Red Red Rose' by Kenneth McKellar.
Ghetto Priest 2005 / unreleased track A film was shot by Scottish artist Graham Fagen as an exhibit for his 2005 "Clean Hands Pure Heart" exhibition in Glasgow, UK. It consisted of video footage of the recording of versions of 'Auld Lang Syne' and 'The Slave's Lament' (featuring words from the Scottish poet Robert Burns) - which play throughout; voiced by Ghetto Priest with arranging, backing vocals and guitar from Skip McDonald, keyboards and engineering by Nick Coplowe, and AMS / Skip producing. Fagen acted as executive producer. The film soundtrack remains unreleased but some of the studio recordings appeared on an accompanying CD single, given away at the exhibition.
The Lancaster Bombers May 2005 / unreleased tracks "Under the guidance of ... producer Adrian Sherwood and Nick Coplowe they (have) produced six debut songs", several of which are unreleased. The AMS/On-U remix discography lists which others are currently released.
The Beat 2006 / unreleased album "In 2006, the UK version of The Beat, featuring Ranking Roger and Morton, recorded a new album that was mixed by Adrian Sherwood, but it remains unreleased."
Lee "Scratch" Perry 2006-8 / unreleased tracks / versions Various part-mixed versions of released tracks from CD1001(2) are known to exist. Jennie Bellstar has also recorded a vocal version of 'Kilimanjaro' [Rhythm 220] called 'Wake Up', as yet unreleased.
Tackhead 2007-10 / unreleased tracks / versions A version of 'Homeless' by Curtis Mayfield was recorded (and was the first completed track) for the 'Sharehead' project but not included in the final release. Rough mixes of a few of the album's other released tracks have also appeared online.
FORCEofTWO 2008-9 / unreleased mixes A new album and/or EP by Pete Lockett and Steve Sidelnyk featuring some "ultra dub" mixes by Adrian Sherwood was mentioned but not progressed. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
Denise Sherwood February 2010 / unreleased track An On-U demo of a track called 'Snake Skin' [Rhythm 137] appeared on Denise's MySpace page.
Adrian Sherwood July 2012 / unreleased mix A vocal version of the track 'Last Queen Of England' (found on CD1022) called 'Immigrants' featured in an online AMS DJ mix.
Bayo June 2013 / unreleased mix A re-vocal of a Jeb Loy Nichols' riddim called 'Run Around Girl' [Rhythm 258] was available to stream online but remains unreleased. Also listed in the AMS/On-U remix discography.
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