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Other: Non-act, non-label based discography On-U Sound featured product discography

This section primarily contains details of compilation releases featuring but not entirely comprising On-U Sound product or On-U artists produced by AMS. This predominantly means appearances or remixes of tracks released on On-U Sound albums or singles either directly from On-U or through labels On-U have licensed material to (e.g. Cherry Red).

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Releases A>F
Part 2:
Releases G>N
Part 3:
Releases O>Z

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  • This section is likely to be quite incomplete so your additions are welcome.
  • Releases are in approximately alphabetical order by title with track details on any given release limited mainly to those of On-U Sound related interest.
  • The numbering scheme bears no relation to track number and is only the order in which the listed tracks appear on the release.

Blanc Records
Carib Gems
Century Records
Creation Rebel Records
Green Tea Records
Hitrun Records
On-U Sound Records
    Pt1: LP1>LP60
    Pt2: LP61>...
    Pt3: CD1>...
    Pt4: Singles & rest
Pressure Sounds
    Pt1: CD1>50
    Pt2: CD51>...
    Pt3: Singles & rest
Sound Boy
World Records

Pay It All Back releases
Other On-U compilations
On-U featured product
    . Introduction
      Pt1: A>F
      Pt2: G>N
      Pt3: O>Z
On-U related product
    Pt1: A>H
    Pt2: I>Q
    Pt3: R>Z
Adrian Sherwood / On.U remixography
    Pt1: A>C & #
    Pt2: D>L
    Pt3: M>Q
    Pt4: R>U
    Pt5: V>Z & V/A
The Vaults

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