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Thanks & Praises: Credits

While the presentation and formatting of this website is my own work, much of the information presented in it is the result of many many people's efforts and contributions over probably more than 20 years.

This site is the most recent re-incarnation of a project started by Culf and Richard Davies in the late 1980s to catalogue On-U related product in a series of discographies (once available on the internet) with information from their own record collections and their network of personal contacts of the face to face, postal or email variety. In particular the On-U Sound electronic mailing list is probably the source of hundreds of bits of information that appear here.

Unfortunately then, crediting everyone who has been involved is an impossible task and any list is going to be unfortunately incomplete. Presented here are the names of people who have directly contributed information to this site and many of the major contributors to Culf and Richard Davies' preceding discographies. If you've contributed and feel you should be listed here then please contact me.

[ First Mentions ]

Culf - Glasgow, UK The man who played me On-U tunes many years ago when we were at university together (before I'd heard of Adrian Sherwood) and who set off my interest in On-U Sound! Much of my inspiration for this site came from his original series of internet discographies (the 'Home Game', 'Away Game', 'Charity Match' etc). Without them, this site wouldn't be half so informative. It is with his spoken permission that I have reproduced much of his hard work. Thanks are also due for his own comments about this site, for letting me scour his record collection in search of missing information for the discography section and for allowing me to borrow much of his On-U paperwork archive.
Richard Davies - Birmingham, UK For much of the fine detail and cross referencing that featured in Culf's discographies. Richard's On-U knowledge and record collection helped turn those discographies from simple lists of releases to interlinked and comprehensive information resources. He also compiled the first version of the Rhythm Directory that both Culf and I have since extended in the spirit of his original. Nowadays he is a regular contributor to this website.
On.U Sound email list The numerous world-wide subscribers of the On-U Sound electronic mailing list run by Ben Golding in Australia who, since 1989, have provided many snippets of information that I am unable to give credit for individually.
eBay sellers on the WWW For unknowingly providing me with hundreds of bits of information that have ended-up in the discographies, simply through listing their goods for sale online.
Steve Barker - 'On The Wire': BBC Radio Lancashire, UK For his extensive help and knowledge in the creation of Culf's discographies, and for this support of On-U Sound over many years by playing and promoting Sherwood's productions on the radio. Steve also produced among the very first published On-U Sound discographies and has since provided me with useful feedback on this site.
Kishi Yamamoto - On.U HQ For compiling the VERY first On-U Sound discography, from which all others are derived.
Adrian Sherwood - On.U HQ The inspiration behind it all and the reason for it all. For over 30 years of ear-bending music, we thank you and all the singers and players you have worked with.

[ Other Contributors To This Site ]

Keith McLennan Missing releases / useful comments Alkis Vourekas Missing releases / endless info snippets / constructive feedback / corrections
David Jones Various Japanese releases / missing Sherwood remix projects / many discog corrections / shop and website links / numerous press cuttings Iain Bourne Missing Sherwood remix projects / numerous sleeve scans
Greg Whitfield / Scott M Useful links and offers of information Laurent Diouf Missing discog information / many scans
James Eaton Corrections and comments Andre (Tapir) Permission to use reproduce his Hitrun discographies wholesale here
Dave H. (Olderek) Missing sleeve images Mario R. Martin Missing sleeve images
Frank Van Daele Missing sleeve images Bert Pels / Guido Missing releases / images
Eric Scalbert Lots of missing release details DJPIGG Missing discography details
Charlie Hatfield Lots of missing discography detail, releases and sleeve scans Smart Monkey / Free Radical Sounds Useful links
jb-welda Missing discography info Arne Schulz Missing discography info and useful links
Philippe Delecolle Lots of missing release details and images Adam Smith Missing discography details
Alex Koppert Missing discography details Mark Alan Miller Missing discog info
David Schaffner Missing discog details and images Don Anderson For the use of parts of his article about Junior Delgado
Matthias Münchow Discography details / scans Kiki @ On-U New release sleeve images
Jamie Samans Discography corrections Pascal Descamps Discography additions
Will Interesting triva Wilmer Wolf Discography additions
Jurg Useful links and discussion Aaron Frederick Comments, suggestions, discography details and image scans
Jimbo Record shop info DJ AJ Discography additions and corrections
mARCO Discography details and photo permissions Eric Leroy Discography details
Dan I Discography additions Alain Haas Discography additions and corrections
Stephane Vuilleumier Discography additions Lewis (lpdots) Suggested link
Chris Barker Image Bank photo contributions Owen McShane ( Image Bank photo permissions
Alan Branch Image Bank photo contributions FlashingEcho Reams of information and corrections for the discographies
Uwe Adelfang Missing discography info Nick Clark Album release details
Stanley (Hong Kong) Additional discography details Henry Guglielmo Numerous image contributions
Mark Postma Images and info galore Sidewalkdoctor Contributed scans
Ephteeay Text translation Gary Lingerfelt Photo contributions
metalgitaar Image permission Laurent Perraudeau Discography additions
Benjamin Leighton Discography missing details Ken Garner Peel session details
Mark Green Scans for the Image Bank Kokonda Dub Discography addition
Maken Permission for photo reproduction Alex Discography correction
Laure Missing discography details Paul Williams Interesting factoids
Jason Stuart Rosenberg Missing discography item and scans Les Earthdoctor Link update
Martin Deck New Rhythm Directory entries Curtis Fry Discography additions
MC1db 'On The Wire' photos DJ Jonathan E. Discography corrections
Darius Lewitzky Discography detail Mark Turner Discography corrections
Phil Darby Discography correction Sparky Sleeve scans
Nigel Hardy Discography correction Siebolt Visser Discography additions

[ Others Credited In Culf's Discographies ]

Gilles Lesventes Paul Ross Ian Dickenson ('vato')
Melissa, Dave, Bobby, Pete and Mick at On-U HQ 'Astonishing' Martyn Bennett Vidar Hanssen
Egon Zo @ Blanc Lazlo Nibble Andrew R. Farmer
Allison Schnackenberg @ Southern Lic. Jorge Punaro Russell A. Potter
(There are many, many un-named others...)